Come and enjoy our 2015 award-winning afternoon high tea menu. A degustation of 'tea gastronomy' - handmade savoury and sweet canapes matched with premium single origin teas and house infused vodka based iced tea cocktails.

Ideal for morning or afternoon tea gatherings - birthdays, kitchen teas or hen's celebrations, the 'Vodka High Tea' is a hidden gem in Darlinghurst with plenty of vintage knick-knacks to intrigue and chat about, and an old world atmosphere…

The award-winning Vodka High Tea is available every Saturday from 12.30pm to 4.30pm.

Set menus:
Canape degustation $45
Canape degustation with a glass of french bubbles $55
Canape degustation and one of our signature chilled tea cocktails $60
Canape degustation with four 'vodka sippers' $65
All packages include premium single origin tea selections.

If you are celebrating a birthday or special occasion, our chefs can cut and prepare your cake at no additional charge.

Bookings are essential.
Download the Vodka High Tea Menu

We love a great celebration – and nothing is better suited to a group dining experience than our sharing style menus!

Starting from $55 per person, we have put together our signature dishes and favourites for you to enjoy – and options to match vodkas or mini cocktails to your courses are aplenty! The dishes are well paced, substantial (and tasty!) and allow you to pass and share with your friends, while the kitchen team will happily look after any individuals with special dietary requirements.

Email us about your next celebration, and we'll chat about the best way to make that happen, and to make you feel at home…

Download the Group Dining Menu
The Food Society event team can also assist with exclusive bookings – catering up to 150 guests cocktail style and 80 seated. We can create bespoke menus and interactive food stations, or stick with our classic sharing style menus – the Darlinghurst venue is ideal for your next private or corporate event.

Address: Lower Ground Floor, 91 Riley St. Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2010

Telephone: (02) 8090 3462
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Winter 2016 @ Food Society

Welcome to Food Society, this winter is a very special time for us, we have been busy giving 'grandma's lounge room' a bright and fresh facelift, selecting fresh flowers and new vintage collectables, hanging new lights, and working with our friends, family and colleagues to give you what we hope will be a very memorable visit for you, our guests. We very much hope you enjoy your time with us and we look forward to seeing you and your friends again soon…

Oh you must try one of our house-infused vodkas, they are life changing!!


Sunday to Tuesday: CLOSED
available for groups and private bookings

Wednesday to Saturday: 6.00pm until late

Vodka High Tea
Saturday: 12.30pm to 4.30pm
bookings essential for Vodka High Tea!

Private event bookings available

Small Plates

- Three cheese pierogi with duck ragu (v opt) $18

- Sourdough and tarragon crumbed mushrooms served with paprika fondue (v) $13

- Sliced beets, dill and betroot vinaigrette, cherries and whipped goat's curd (v, gf) $13

- 'Shopska' salad of cucumber, heirloom tomato, bulgarian feta and fresh herbs (v, gf) $14

- Our signature fried cauliflower with paprika, parsley, watercress and reduced red wine vinegar (v) $15

- Grilled octopus and prawns marinated in paprika and fresh lemon (gf) $17

- House smoked salmon pastrami served with seeded mustard aioli, pickled radish and golden beets (gf) $17

- Double smoked pork neck with quince gel, baby herbs and creme fraiche (gf) $14

- Lightly floured and fried whitebait with eschallot caramel $13

- Pan seared duck breast, radicchio, apricot compote and feferoni salsa $18

- Selection of cured meats, pistachio and chilli mortadella, truffle salami and char grilled 'csabai' pork sausage with housemade condiments and pickles $22


- Dark rye $2.5

- Housemade char grilled gluten free bread - $3.5

Larger Plates

- Pan seared chicken breast, lightly pickled heriloom carrots, red pepper puree, kale chips and pearl barley (gf) $24

- Rye crumbed veal cutlet, sweet polish red cabbage, horseradish cream and fresh chervil $32

- Ricotta and marjoram gnocchi, white sauce and crispy herbs (v) $24

- Grilled field mushrooms, red pepper stuffed with spinach, ricotta and aromatic rice, rainbow chard and baby herbs (v, gf) $24

- Crispy skin saltwater barramundi, fried baby potato and paprika beurre blanc (gf) $31

- Slow roasted pork knuckle with caraway and garlic, pickled apple, horseradish and mustard (gf) $32


- Local potato salad (gf) $7.5

- Bowl of leaves with raspberry vinegar (v, gf) $6


- Polish mess of poppy seed meringue, honey ice cream, citrus soaked sponge and caramelised walnuts $13

- Czech style baked honey cake, salted caramel cream, housemade honeycomb and caramelised pears $12

- 'Upside down borsch' - beetroot marshmallow, parsnip tuille, freezedried plum chips and vanilla creme fraiche (gf) $14

- Caramel vodka tart of salted caramel custard, praline and chocolate mousse $15

- Housemade ricotta doughnuts with plum sugar, berries and amaretto infused honey (4 per serve) $14


- Gold espresso vodka (israel) $10.50

- Krupnik honey vodka (poland) $9

- Barczewski raspberry (austria) $10

- Barczewski blackberry (austria) $10

- Wisniowa cherry vodka (poland) $9

- Carvo carmel vodka (south africa) $10.50

Group Menu

-available for groups of 4 or more

-menu is designed to share, a progression of small and large plates

$55 per person

$75-with four vodka tastings

Small plates

- Sourdough and tarragon crumbed mushrooms served with paprika fondue(v)

- Our signature fried cauliflower with paprika, parsley, watercress and reduced red wine vinegar (v)

- Sliced beets, beetroot consomme, dill vinegar, cherries and whipped goat's cheese (v, gf)

- Grilled cuttlefish on quid ink risotto, parmesan and salt baked cherry tomato (gf)

- Selection of cured meats, pistachio and chilli mortadella, parma ham and char grilled csabaic with all the trimmings

Large Plates

- Twice cooked junee lam ribs with roasted eggplant, tomato and spinach (gf)

- Poached coral trout and shaved baby potatoes in a sweet paprika broth, finished with sour cream (gf)


- Local potato salad with coorong seabrite (gf)

- Celeriac and cabbage slaw with fresh apple (v,gf)

Signature Cocktails

Watermelon caiprioska

melon vodka, zytnia premium rye vodka, fresh lime, realtea wild watermelon iced tea and watermelon ice cubes


Spiced apple pie

zubrowka bison grass vodka, four hour infused apple juice, cinnamon, star anise and lemon zest shaken over ice


Cherry martini

wisniowa cherry vodka, nemiroff cranberry premium liquor vodka and cointreau



Daily blend of fresh juices, flavoured bitters and fresh fruits, shaken over ice and served tall



Old fashioned

premium whiskey, bitters, lime and brown sugar stirred with a touch of orange


Cucumber and green tea caprioska

Square one cucumber vodka, kremlyovskaya cracked pepper vodka, green tea, fresh mint and lime


Bison sour

Zubrowka bison grass vodka, earl grey tea, fresh lemon juice, egg white and a pinch of cinnamon


Raspberry & orange

Raspberry vodka, cranberry liquor and fresh orange juice served over raspberry sorbet


Strawberry and banana shake

Banana vodka and strawberry vodka shaken with fresh strawberries


Our Bar and Restaurant Darlinghurst

Food Society's bar and restaurant in Darlinghurst – a celebration of food mixed with 'old school' hospitality and unparalleled service.

The food concept is Modern Eastern European, inspired by different regions of Eastern Europe and continually changing according to season – modern twists on Polish, Czech, Bulgarian and Balkan Cuisine in the cooler months, and inspiration from the Adriatic in summer, surprising twists on the classics can be expected.

An extensive range of unique, imported beers and spirits are on offer (over 70 vodkas!) complementing the sharing style menu – it's perfect for a family-style celebration with friends or an intimate dinner for two.

Our style of cuisine and venue décor is rustic and full of old world charm – step into the 1950's waiting room and down the red carpet into what feels like Grandma's lounge room. We are always busy finding new wines, new vintage collectables and working with our friends and family to create a menu and atmosphere that we hope you, our guests, will enjoy and remember…

Please reach us at: