Italian Food That You Must Try

Italian cuisine is an art in itself that is celebrated all around the world. The culinary style is simple yet complicated and rustic yet sophisticated at the same time. It is flavourful and easy to eat and is something that will be suitable for pretty much any occasion. There are some staples that you really must try at least once in your lifetime though and with how the cultures have grown and mixed all across the globe, you may not even have to go to Italy to taste the authentic flavours of their gastronomy. Here are some staple Italian foods that you simply must try.

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza and pasta are two items that you cannot keep Italy out of. The typical Italian pizza is freshly baked, hand tossed, and light to bite into. The delicious flavours which are just olive oil, tomato, basil and mozzarella have been coveted the world over. The Italian culinary art has influenced and spread all around the world so much so that the pasta that you get to try at an authentic Italia restaurant Croydon is just as good as something you may try out in the vineyards of Italy itself. No matter where you go, if you want to try Italian food, pizza and pasta are two dishes that you simply must try out. Be sure to ask for the Spaghetti alla Carbonara that comes with bacon, cheese, eggs, chili pepper and pepper or the Spaghetti alla Gricia that has cheese, bacon, chili pepper and pepper.


Another dish that is a staple in Italy is risotto and today, this dish is enjoyed pretty much in any country. The special risotto rice is cooked to a thick yet chewy consistency and can be infused with many different flavours such as mushrooms, zucchini, scallops or anything else. The creamy and cheesy goodness of risotto is something that has people going in for second and third servings and this one is a dish that you definitely must not miss out on.


Perhaps you may not have heard much of this dish must it is an absolutely heart-warming delight that you simply have to try out. This is a crisp and golden brown dish that is made of stuffed rice balls. The rice balls are actually risotto a lot of the time and they are deep fried after being coated in a generous amount of breadcrumbs. The rice balls are generally filled in with ragu, tomato sauce, peas and mozzarella. Very much like the pasta and the pizza dishes in Italy, there is a vast variation of arancini thanks to almost every region having their own version. The regional specialties are made with different filings based upon the location that the dish will be made in.


Having had its inception in Naples, this classic dish is just hearty and homely. It is made by baking sheets of paste layered with cheeses ground meats, vegetables along with different types of sauces. Some people may prefer b├ęchamel, some ragu and some tomato sauce for example.

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