4 Easy Ways to Train Your Restaurant Staff

In a restaurant, having untrained staff could very well cost you your reputation and credibility. Once bad reviews start hitting the internet, it’s very hard to shake this shadow off your back. However, having untrained staff doesn’t mean they lack the potential. Where they may be qualified, they might not have the relevant experience and this could be what is causing them to function inefficiently. This is where your training process comes into play. Any industry that looks for potential in their recruitment process, needs to be able to give their employees space and opportunities to grow so here are some easy ways you can help your staff learn the ropes:


And of course, it all begins with a fun, interactive orientation. You need to keep in mind that everyone absorbs information differently. While some are visual learners, others could be auditory or prefer something a little more hand on. Hands on experience is definitely a sacred way of passing down the teachings but for all those other types of learners you may be recruiting, you should have a mixed approach to guiding them- though slides, videos and even role-playing sessions with the veterans. This is also the time where you introduce them to company policies and allow for any questions on their part.


Shadowing is one of the most effective techniques used to guarantee that new employees get some valuable advice from veterans in the field. However, you can take things a step further! Reflective writing is a great way for employees to contemplate on what they’ve learned. Get them to write a short paragraph on what they’ve picked up during this shadowing period. With any luck, you’ll also get some constructive feedback on your current employees as well!

POS Training

POS training for your receipt printing, as well as how to handle voids and gift cards etc. can be a tiring process but a crucial one that dictates the efficiency of your restaurant and thus, satisfaction of your customers. Start by giving your new employee someone else’s orders to fill up on the POS, with the respective employee watching them. Also make it a point to have a checklist of steps to take when dealing with any possible procedures, from checking in to checking out. Once they’ve been practicing for a while, test them- the moment they’re capable of explaining the procedure to someone else, you’ll know they’re ready for their duties.


Make it a point to start a mentoring program where you assign a mentor for each month. This will give the new employees someone they can always turn to while learning of all the bumps and hacks that comes with running a restaurant. You should also make it a point to advice your mentors to carry out different role-playing sessions to mimic the worst possible situations employees could face so they’ll be prepared to some extent if it ever does happen.

These are the easiest ways you can bring your new recruits up to speed while also making sure they get the most they can out of the entire experience!

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