Things To Do While Visiting Phillip Island In Australia

Are you an animal lover? Do you squeal every time you see a picture of a cute penguin or an adorable koala? Are you a fan of hiking or biking? Do you have cravings for sweets that only chocolates could provide a quick fix? Is your idea of relaxing by the beach while sipping on a cold ale? If you answer yes to any (or all of it), your next travel destination is none other than Phillip Island in Australia.

Named after the first governor of New South Wales, Governor Arthur Phillip is the founding father of Sydney, Australia. With an annual visitor of 3.5 million tourists, Phillip Island boasts of exciting and novel things to do that could only be experienced while vacationing on this humid subtropical island.

Penguin Parade

Most famous for its Penguin Parade, this is the first thing every tourist does while visiting Phillip Island. Every sunset penguins “parade” on the beach. Previous visitors even claim to have seen more than a thousand penguins one time. Bleachers are available for guests to sit on to watch the penguins waddle up to the beach. For a closer look at the penguins, there are boardwalks for guests to walk on. Just be respectful of boundaries and don’t cross over if there are fences. These were installed in the first place to protect the penguins and make them feel safe in their natural habitat.

Koala conservation center

Penguins, koalas are other animals make Phillip island day tours worthwhile even if you are not an animal lover. Seeing these cuddly marsupials forage for food, wrestle and playfully bit one another makes you want to take one home.

Hike and bike

With its gorgeous scenery, hiking and biking are among the activities you and your family could enjoy while visiting Phillip Island. There are numerous hiking and biking trails that you could pursue. The trails are easy and could easily be finished even by a novice biker and hiker.

Panny’s Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Got a sweet tooth? Head over to Panny’s Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and watch while this sweet treat is prepared. Guests could see how chocolates are made, from harvesting cocoa to the finished product that could be tasted. There are also games with chocolates as the price and equipment and tools for chocolate making that could also be tried by the guests.

Sun, sand and water

Since first and foremost it is an island, the beaches at Phillip Island is perfect for swimming and relaxing. Cowes Main Beach is among the most visited. Other activities that beach lovers could do at Cowes Main Beach are whale watching, ride a speed boat or go yachting and explore rock pools.

Visit a local brewery

Families travelling to Phillip Island might be turned off by visiting a local brewery especially if they have kids in tow. But the Rusty Water Brewery should be an exception since the booze and the food with a kids’ menu are good. Kids could also entertain themselves by coloring while the adults are drinking.

These are just some of the things you and your family could do while visiting Phillip Island. You would not run out of sources of amusement since the island is well and able to entertain its yearly guests.

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