What to Pack for A Week at The Beach?

Leaving for a beach holiday is always a war between space and necessity. Dealing with the preparation of a suitcase requires patience, practical sense and organization. You have to prepare a list and decide in advance the occasions of use and find simple solutions for the beach, in the afternoon and the evening. Here are some essential items to take with you.

Organized and Practical Beauty Case

Beach life is hard and tiring, you have to be organized to be ready for any situation. Having an organized beauty case is essential. You will need sunscreen, a comb or hairbrush, mosquito repellents, perfume and your usual makeup stuff.

Practical and Light Backpack

Whether you are taking a flight, a train, or your car, don’t make the mistake of taking a small trolley! A very comfortable backpack is better both as hand luggage and as a travel bag. Choose one that suits your physicality, with adjustable backrest. Backpacks with secret compartments would also be great as you can leave valuable in it when you go for a swim.

Bandana Is Indispensable to The Sea

The scarf has several uses. You can use it as a hairband, as a belt, to cover you from the wind or as an accessory for the evening. Take on different styles and indulge yourself! Do not underestimate the wind; a bandana can save you from a holiday ruined by a sore throat. Often, motorbikes are also rented at the sea, the bandana is essential to cover the neck or, for those without hair, to wear as hygienic safety when using a rented helmet.

Swimsuit and Shoes

Your swimming costume is essential for your beach holiday. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your curves this summer. Bring as many costumes as your vacation days. It is always a dilemma especially for women about suitable shoes to wear.

If your luggage is minimal, choose flip-flops, low and comfortable day sandals and a laced shoe if you plan to go hiking or move by scooter or quad bike on the road. Closed, tied shoes are useful even if you are walking in places where there is no sidewalk or where the coat is covered with insects and leaves. Just in case you want to do something fancy, bring your heels for a night out!

Suitable Clothes

Half-sleeved shirts, mens blank singlets, shorts, crop tops can never be missing. If you go to a particularly hot place, count two for the day and one for the evening. Divide the shirts according to the occasion of use (day and evening). Never forget to pack two white t-shirts that can go well on everything!

Technological Case

Prepare a case with cell phone charger, iPad / Kindle charger and headphones. In this way you will not miss anything and will always be protected from sand and water. Most importantly, do not forget your phone charger. That is the easiest to forget as you will stay till the last moment to pack it in. If you go abroad do not forget the electrical adapter to charge your devices everywhere.

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