How to Use a Proofing Basket?

Baking is a hobby that most of us love to do. Whenever we have a little extra time at hand, it is a great way of spending time – to learn new recipes and to teach those who love to learn. However, a key part in good baking is to learning to use your baking equipment right. When it comes to baking bread, learning to use bannetons or proofing baskets is a key part. Take a look at what is below to find out how to use bannetons in your home kitchen.

What Does It Do?

Before using any equipment, it is necessary to understand they use of each equipment or tool. The use of a banneton or a proofing basket is to give the dough the support and shape during proofing. Usually they are made of cane or wood fibre and has a spiral pattern which also gives a spiral shape to the crust of your bread when it is made. These baskets also have the ability to absorb the moisture from the dough and make your bread less sticky.

Preparing a Basket

Before using a proofing basket for the first time, they need to be prepared for baking. However, first time preparation is only necessary for baskets that are made of cane and not of wood fibre. Afterwards, before each use, they are dusted with floor, in order to make sure that your dough will not stick to the walls of the basket.

When to Use

Proofing baskets, as the name suggest, is only for proofing. These are never to be used for the baking. This means you can only use this basket to leave your dough in to be proofed. When the dough is ready to go in the oven, it should be put in a baking tin.

Never mistake into thinking that proofing baskets are a good alternative for breaking tins. When it comes to removing the dough from the basket, gently turn it over on a baking sheet. Usually the dough will fall without trouble but if this is not the case, tilt the basket back and forth until the dough is slowly removed.

Cleaning and Storing

Just like every other baking tool, bread bannetons too have to be properly cleaned and stored so they are well taken care of. These baskets are never to be washed. Instead, what you can do is to clean them off with a dry cloth. Once you are done using the basket, shake off the extra flour on them. Then, let it dry on a warm and dry place.

When it comes to storing too, make sure they ae stored away from moisture. This will ensure that no mould will form on your basket. If you see any flour residues being built up over time, you can gently clean it away with a clean cloth or a brush.

Baking, like most of the crafts, needs good consideration and care. This is a rule that is not only applied to the food you make but also to the tolls and equipment that you use in the kitchen. Because it is your tools that help you to bring together the final great meal. Therefore, make sure you put the same care you put into food preparation into your utensils or tools as well.

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