Why Is Breakfast Considered the Most Important Meal of The Day?

The debate of whether breakfast is considered important or not is still ongoing, although there is some proof to say that it is important many still do not know why. Breakfast is the first meal you have after hours of rest. Although we think that our bodies are not doing anything while we sleep, it is in fact the complete opposite. When we sleep the body carries out functions and processes that it cannot otherwise do while we are awake.

Hence why in the morning it is normal for the body to need a boost of energy to start the day. This comes from having breakfast. However just eating any old thing you find does not qualify as a wholesome meal. The reason why breakfast is important is because of the energy and nutritional boost it provides. Therefore, here are some foods that contribute to a wholesome nutritious meal that is in fact important.

Carbs provide energy

If you are on a diet or avoid carbs then a greasy plate of pancakes might not be the best breakfast choice, however carbs are vital for our bodies to get the energy boost it needs in the morning. The starch that carbs give the sugar and insulin that propels energy and focus.

However, if eaten in excess or the wrong diet regularly it can result in weight gain and result in you being hungry faster. The ideal level of carbs for breakfast maybe a slice of bread or something that is small and does not take a huge portion of your meal.

Proteins are a must

Unlike carbs, proteins fill you up but not in the way carbs do. Foods such as eggs or high protein cereal provide just the right amount of energy while filling you up so you do not crave food later on. Proteins helps in blood supply giving you sufficient energy and focus to last the day.

Having a meal without protein can result in sweet cravings, loss of energy and sudden tiredness. The best thing about proteins is that, you do not require a lot of it and therefore does not result in weight gain like carbs do.

Improves mood

We all know the term being hangry, it is when you’re angry because you’re hungry. While it is just used to describe a person who maybe moody due to a lack of food it is an actual condition that takes place. When the body lacks food, it slows down. This results in tiredness, mood swings and low functionality.

However, tiredness can also be a result of having a heavy breakfast. When your body has to break down the carb all the energy goes into digestion, this may make you feel lazy or sleepy. Hence why in order to have a good mood, moral and energy breakfast does not need to be the heaviest meal of the day. It just needs to have the right amount of nutrition.

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