Dine-In vs Delivery: Which one?

Some of us eat as a hobby while some of us only eat when we are hungry. Either way getting ready and going to a restaurant can be quite tedious. With the increase in delivery apps and take away options many prefer to indulge in the comfort of the couch especially during a pandemic. However, the delivery vs dine-in battle has a been a long ensuing one. Below is a quick comparison to find out which is better and which is not!

With the trend of people watching their favourite tv shows while indulging in their favourite meal has increased. This has paved the way for more delivery rather than dine in. However, most restaurants have upped their game and they offer more than food. Most places provide an experience along with their food so many want to be inclusive of this experience and decide to visit that restaurant.


When diningin discounts don’t come that easy unless you are walking into a restaurant that has a promotion advertised or you use a card that offers a discount at that restaurant. Even these discounts only come from fast food joints and you can’t expect any for a classy restaurant.

Delivery apps and stores on the other hand have tons of discounts. Various apps offer promotional discounts which can be paired with discounts offered by the sores themselves. You can use voucher codes and get discounts even from some classy places that deliver.


Again, similar to discounts dine in restaurant rarely accept coupons unless it is a fast-food joint and that too it will be a physical coupon cut out. So, you have to cut out coupons and hand them over. Some consumers are not fans of this method because it perceives a poor social class to be using coupons.

However, if you order online almost all restaurants in an app allow you to enter coupons and you don’t have to keep track of physical coupons either. There are dedicated websites just for coupons where all you have to do is copy and paste the code.

Food and Restaurant Options

Most places offer more on their in-house menu when compared to their delivery menu. This is because some items cannot be packed, and the logistics don’t make sense. When it comes to the restaurant aspect, dining-in offers more variety because not all restaurants deliver. However, this is changing with the increased number of delivery apps and top restaurant online ordering systems.


This is actually the main thing that gives delivery a lead in the battle. When you’re rushing or feel tired after work, getting dressed and going to a restaurant is not an option. If the restaurant is full you might have to wait in line too.

Delivery on the other hand is very convenient. You could be on your way home and you can schedule your delivery to reach when you get home and even if does get late you can start watching your tv series from the comfort of your couch till the food arrives.

These are the most common pros and cons we’ve seen customers’ experience. However, the choice is in your hands as to which options suits you better.

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